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Jan 8, 2024

ENVI Lodges Announces Strategic Partnership with Blue Ocean Capital France to Launch its European Growth Strategy with the Development of Four Ecolodges in France

Paris, France. 

Luxury ecolodge management company ENVI Lodges has entered a strategic partnership with Paris-based developers, Blue Ocean Capital France (BOCF) to develop four high-end sustainable and experiential lodges in France.

The landmark deal, which leverages a funding strategy that will combine equity, debt, and government support for impact investments, will kick-start ENVI’s ambitious European growth plans, with the new ecolodges targeting stunning mountain, beach and farm locations over the next 5 years.

The four ecolodges will highlight BOCF’s expertise in responsible urban development, hospitality and real estate and capitalise on the region’s burgeoning ecotourism sector, which is set to contribute a 38% share of the global value by 2027, with France, Germany and the UK accounting for 50% of that market.*

Ecotourism is one of France’s fastest developing tourism sectors, growing more than twice the rate of GDP in 2022 and projected to be worth €11.6 billion (US$12.71 billion) by the end of 2023.**

This has been fuelled by the French government’s robust ecotourism drive, having earmarked the industry as a key development priority and implementing a swathe of policies and initiatives to foster its growth, including financial incentives for eco-friendly tourism infrastructure and the promotion of sustainable tourism practices.

Aligned to this strategy, ENVI Lodges specialises in low-impact alternative accommodation such as lodges, tents, cabins, treehouses, and biophilic pods and follows high standards of sustainability, with every ecolodge built around three key pillars: the protection of wildlife, the mindful use of natural resources and supporting local communities. 

Similarly, BOCF adopts a ‘Business with Purpose’ philosophy, with proven expertise developing upscale hospitality projects across Europe, the Middle East and Latin America that are mindful of the environment and communities they impact.

“With its responsible development approach, Blue Ocean Capital is a perfect fit for ENVI Lodges as we map out our European growth plans in line with the global shift towards sustainable and regenerative tourism , starting with key ecotourism hotspots such as France,” said Chris Nader, Co-Founder, ENVI Lodges.

“We envisage that our four lodges will be developed in a circuit, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability by centralising resources and services and offering guests four completely different purpose-driven experiences inspired by their location.”

Walid Maalouf, President at Blue Ocean Capital France, said: “Our partnership with ENVI Lodges, an ecolodge pioneering operator, aims to showcase a new model for ecotourism success in France, based on a triple bottom line mindset: Measuring & balancing social, environmental & economical results. 

The project will demonstrate how destinations can be developed responsibly while meeting accelerated market demand for mindful and meaningful leisure: Combining the benefits of immersion in nature, cohesion with local communities as well as environmental stewardship. 

The four-lodge circuit in France will mark phase one of ENVI’s finance and development collaboration with BOCF, with phase two eyeing developments across Europe in markets including Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece.